AUDITIONS ~ Jetty Theatre Production – ‘Its a Wonderful Life’


Auditions are now open for a well-known film which has been adapted to the stage; ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

Auditions are on Saturday the 27th of July at Heartbeat Church (10 Elswick Pl, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450). Young and upcoming 18-year-old director Harrison Allen brings community focus to Coffs Harbour and a production which is “desperately needed in this community”, he says.

“This production confronts a topic which has shaken our local community: suicide.

Coffs Harbour is a regional area which is isolated from bigger services and for this reason, has limited access to resources. More than 3000 Australians took their own life last year. That is more than 55 people a week. Recently in Coffs Harbour, we have unfortunately had several well-known people taken from us, including close friends of mine. This Christmas at the local theatre, with the help of several talented people in the local community, I wish to present a gift to my community; the realisation of how precious life is and a reminder of hope. The play makes clear the influence one man’s life has on so many others, even though he does not see it himself.

The movie may be old-fashioned, however, the underlying messages could not be more relevant to my community, and I am breathing new life into it, inviting the young and old alike to take part either performing or watching a truly beautiful and challenging production. As Coffs Harbour is a regional area, our local theatre is a focal point for community interaction and the perfect medium for this production. I found this play extremely applicable and close to home, and this is a perfect opportunity for people in the theatre scene to develop their skills. I wish to engage audiences on a metaphysical level, which will continue to universally affect and benefit both audiences and performers alike for the long term, no matter their background, culture or age.

The dates which I have hired the Jetty Memorial Theatre for are the 4th and 5th of January 2020, in which I will produce four sessions. Ideally, I would hire the theatre for a few more days so I could reach more people and create a more professional production for the cast, however, this will depend on the support of the community.”

For more information contact Harrison Allen through the Facebook Page: