Bald Archy Art Prize Exhibition @ The Bunker Cartoon Gallery


This very irreverent Australian Art Show, now in its 24th year, returns to The Bunker Cartoon Gallery, much to the delight of fans across the region. Once again we are presented with a show, so well-known that just weeks after the 2017 exhibition’s season opened in Canberra there was a request from BBC News International for permission to present a feature on the political audacity and vitality of our Bald Archy artists, which they considered unique.

For the unaware, the Bald Archy Prize is a spoof of the more serious Archibald Prize and calls for comic and satiric portraits of Australian celebrities, politicians, sports people and other prominent personalities.

While the Archibald is judged by members of the Board of the Art Gallery of NSW, the Bald Archy judge is a lone sulphur-crested cockatoo named Maude, who for twenty-four years has claimed knowledge of fine art equal to those fine ladies and gentlemen. This has never been refuted by them and has resulted in an astute Sydney art journalist commenting “It takes eleven galahs to judge the Archibald but only one cockatoo to judge the Bald Archy.”

The exhibition tours for some nine months each year. This year it will be seen in Canberra, Gundagai, Deniliquin, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Sydney (where the winner will be announced), Swanpool (Vic), Geelong, Corowa and Temora.

Exhibition Opens 19th May - Exhibition