Battle Of Mother Nature


Making an Old Grey Wall get Back to Nature.


If you are a regular visitor to the Coffs Harbour Institution Mother Natures you would have noticed that where there use to be a wall of Green Shrubs there is now a grey wall, unfortunately the trees were causing havoc with the storm water and had to be removed. The New owners of Mother Natures wanted to brighten up the landscape so they then approached Open Studio to come up with a unique way to celebrate Mother Nature and give some artists an opportunity to express themselves.

Mother Nature’s Coffs Harbour hosted its first invitational Graffiti battle coordinated by the team from Open Studio to bring some of Australia’s most internationally renowned graffiti artists to share their own interpretation of the theme ‘Mother Nature’ on the huge external carpark wall.

The local Coffs community is invited to vote on the completed artworks to decide which artist’s piece is their favourite with prizes awarded to the 3 highest votes.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to witness the artworks coming to life and refreshing the local area with some vibrant expression!

The artists selected to compete have been chosen for their individual style, technical proficiency, commitment to their craft and cultural contribution to communities via their own art making. All of the artists have previously visited Coffs Harbour with their resulting works being praised by the local community, so they all jumped at the opportunity to return to the beautiful Coffs Coast.

The Artists are:
BASIX – Intergalactic mechanical spray can wizard!
MONS – Has more fun painting than you do.
PEQUE – Aerosol Master craftsman all the way from Mexico…
PHIBS – Prolific artist and frequent flying nature lover
PUDL – Street illustrator and style master
SNARL – Graffiti obsessed and locally blessed
Australian graffiti cultural icons, pioneer break-dancers and publishers of Hype Mag

Photos available