Issue 3 – Video Part 1

This was originally published back in 2017.
Check out newer items posted in hot tips , as the information may no longer be relevant or accurate.



Video is hot because of the Facebook Newsfeed! Even though It is at capacity Facebook have managed to find new ways of monetising it by driving video’s reach above that of images. And Marketers are prepared to pay more per click for video than images to be seen.

The amount of video crammed into the newsfeed is twice that of this time last year so when strategizing your social campaigns you need to factor in that if you even want to be seen on Social you are going to have to produce lots more videos and lots of different types, from your beautifully produced promotional video to amateur in-house clips.

BUT BEFORE YOU GO RUSHING OFF CREATING TONS OF VIDEO there are a couple of things to consider such as, different types of videos are better suited to the different stages of the sales funnel, and VIDEO IS NOT A STRATEGY - VIDEO IS A FORMAT. Video as a format forms part of an overarching Content Plan.



Just like with images, news articles, blogs etc., Video is a format, only to be decided upon at the end of a process. Otherwise you will end up with videos that are granular or ad hoc and don’t tie into anything, serving no purpose.


Videos types can be used tactically from awareness building right down to closing the deal.

  • Educational - How to's, whiteboards
  • Promotional - Facebook cover video - featured videos
  • Informational - Animations, stopframe, screenshots
  • Entertainment - virals, shareables, memes etc, motivational
  • Documentary -( What! Yes Facebook is starting to favour longer documentary types of video because, guess what, they can interrupt them with short streams of advertising.). Long form, National Geographic, Facebook Apple TV App.

Remembering that in Social Media there are two big players, FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE, and given Youtube serves 8 times more video than Facebook per day you would be wise to tweak your videos to suit the different channels for different purposes, rather than one version fitting into all channels.


Video produced for various uses on Social Media for promotion can vary greatly from beautifully produced Corporate videos created by an agency to very organic on the fly Facebook Live video and Marketers spend thousands on trying to discover what the secret sauce is that makes one video a viral hit to another a ‘Meh’. One thing they all agree on is what people want from you and what you think they want are very different. Unlike TV you cannot force people to watch your video, consumers don’t care about you or your business, they care about content (videos) which:

  • Saves them time
  • Saves them money
  • Helps with a problem
  • Makes them laugh
  • Makes them cry
  • Informs them
  • Makes them a better person
  • Social Currency - makes them look smart


iphone-iconVideo is HOT because Facebook says so. But even though this is the case it would be wise not to forget to customise for Youtube.

iphone-iconIf you are going to even be seen on Social Media you are going to have to find a way to produce lots of video and different types. There are heaps of apps available to toy with. Start by creating a plan which will give you clarity and ideas, then find a style you like and stick with it.

What people want from you and what you think they want is very different. Consider the eight-point guide to what consumers want, and the more of these you check, the more success you should experience.