Issue 1 : If you’re gonna do it do it right!

Images and Promotional Material


If you are going to invest time and money into getting your arts event up and running, no matter how big or miniscule a budget you have, creating a great, effective and multipurpose flyer or image is easy with lots of tools and resources available for you to use online.

Here are 3 Tips to keep in mind when you are creating promotional material for your next event.

Tip 1


Event and news listings on Arts Mid North Coast online network

Website, artsblast and Social Media Channels:

We do receive images and flyers of all shapes and sizes and we can support images of all shapes and size BUT our preferences are as follows:

  1. Top Preference is 1000 px x 707 px (A4 Landscape Poster)

  2. Second Preference 707 px x 1000 px (A4 Portrait poster)

  3. News items and Showcase items - 1000 px x 400 px - size will be cropped automatically to fit

  4. If your promotional material is any larger than this they will be resized to be no higher than 1000 and no wider than 1000

  5. Finally we do get some oddly shaped flyers - although they are usually really quite beautiful they are very hard to use across our , and other promotional networks, for example very tricky for including in artsblast - these are our least favourite types.

Tip 2


Recommended sizes for Social Media posts

Each Social Media channel has varying size recommendations for images and other promotional material. The following are the recommendations for images that appear in the feed (this does not include profile or header images):

  • Facebook - 820 px wide by 312 px
  • Instagram - 1080px x 1080px
  • Twitter - 1024 px x 512 px - (image in feed)

This is a great article covering sizes for each of the channels

Within these platforms there are many variations, particularly when you step into the world of Facebook Paid Promotions.  But when creating artwork remember two things : Instagram images are essentially square, and square perform better on mobile.  If you have the resources you can create artwork for each channel but if you are time and resource challenged create one in landscape and aim to keep all your written content centred squarely in the middle. It will mean you can have one multi-purposes / multi-channel piece of artwork.

Tip 3


Resources & recommendations for creating artwork


There are many free and inexpensive online tools for creating posters, editing images and creating artwork for print and Social media but and (mobile app) are two of the best, with both having free and paid plans

Free images - wonderful new free images website. and - are all wonderful resources and even have some free video clips to choose from.


If you can create 2 pieces of artwork create 2:

  • 1 Portrait Poster for your event - suitable for printing out and also suitable for Social Media and other online sharing
  • 1 Landscape banner - suitable for Arts Mid North Coast,  Facebook and other Social Media channels

A few final thoughts

Thinking Facebook Advertising?

Remember if you wish to use Facebook advertising, Facebook are very strict on how much text can be included in an image as they consider it to be too similar to spamming and marketing (ironic I know) but they will not allow any more than 20% of the size of the image to be text. Whilst it is annoying it actually can make you more resourceful with words and cleverer at getting to the point.

Just cos its always been done this way

Just because you have been doing it one way for a long time doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever. It’s a new world where online and print play equal parts in promoting your events throughout our incredible creative community of the Mid North Coast.

Be brave, get creative and have fun with your promotional material