Kendall National Violin Competition

Semi Finalists Announced


The Kendall National Violin Competition, Australia’s most prestigious national violin competition, has announced eight semifinalists who will compete on August 6 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The semifinalists from Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria are: Sarah Chang (NSW), James Chen (NSW), Mitzi Gardner (NSW), Amy Huang (NSW), Emmalena Huning (WA), Gemma Lee (NSW), Riley Skevington (Vic) and Johnny van Gend (Qld). The eight young violinists will compete for a place in the finals of the competition taking place in Kendall on September 16 2017. The first prize of the competition is a violin made by Czech violin maker Michal Prokop who resides in Canberra.

Former Kendall National Violin Competition Winner Glenn Christensen, a member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and a judge on this year’s shortlisting panel commented on the task of listening to the high level of entries. “When I listened to all of the recordings by these talented players, I found the experience a bit like sniffing perfumes - somewhat overwhelming and confusing. I was looking for a balance of interesting and thoughtful musicianship combined with excellent violinistic abilities and there really was an abundance of this! I'm confident that the audience will hear this and be blown away.” Christensen said.

For the first time in 2017 the shortlisting of semi-finalists was completed across geographic distance, with individual judges listening in Europe and Australia. Associate Professor Goetz Richter, Artistic Director and President of the Kendall National Violin Competition explained the shortlisting process: “The three judges independently auditioned all competitors who remained anonymous to them and provided their independent shortlist. The combined ranking generated the final list of semi-finalists. The judges achieved clear agreement notwithstanding the strong level of playing from the seventeen violinists who submitted an entry.”

In 2017 the Kendall National Violin Competition presents its 19th competition. Founded in 1999, previous winners and finalists of the competition are enjoying exciting international performance careers. The competition is supported by Forestry Corporation of NSW as its main sponsors and offers in addition to its first prize a number of supporting cash prizes and an award for performance development donated by the family of the late Joan Levy.

For further information about the Kendall National Violin competition please contact A/Professor Goetz Richter Ph. 0404 407 686

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