Gerry Joe Weise
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Born in 1959 in Sydney, Australia.
He has lived in Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and the U.S.A.
His artwork can be seen in galleries, cultural centres, museums, private and public collections. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Bonn, Brussels, Montreux, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Auckland, etc.

Gerry Joe Weise is a visual artist who has exhibited since 1982. He specializes in Abstraction, Symbolism, Photo Realism, in his paintings, drawings and sculpture. He also uses video, photography and CGI.

Weise is best known internationally for his installations in “Land Art” and exhibitions “In Situ”.

He is also an accomplished guitarist singer songwriter with 8 albums, signed to a Record Label in Chicago USA. He has worked as exhibition curator and co-ordinator for private galleries in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin) and in France (Paris, Reims, Albi). Weise has initiated Workshops and Masterclasses in Australia, Europe and the USA.

1968 -1st prize, 9 years old, Drawing Competition, TV Channel 9, Sydney Australia.
1987 -Gold Medal, Grand Prix de France, Visual Arts, Reims, France.
1989 -2nd Prize, Public Choice Award, Salon des Independants, Paris, France.
1993 -1st Prize, Graphic Drawing, Art Show, Brussels, Belgium.
1997 -Best Installation Award, for “Earth Painting”, CCA, Munich, Germany.
2015 -Currently voted Number #3 on the TOP ARTISTS CHARTS for the LAND ARTS INFO MAGAZINE in Paris, France.

Solo exhibitions.
1985 – Galerie La Grande Serre, Rouen, France.
1986 – Centre Culturel Les Archers, Cambrai, Fr.
1986 – Centre Culturel, Gaillon, Fr.
1987 – “Transmythic Earth” Exhibitions:
……………Australian Embassy, Paris, Fr
……………Centre Culturel du CROUS, Reims, Fr
……………Espace AGF, Reims
……………Restaurant VO, Reims
……………Café du Palais, Reims.
1988 – Australian Embassy, Bonn, Germany.
1988 – Australian Embassy, Brussels, Belgium.
1988 – “Earth Church” Installations:
……………Basilique St Denis, Paris
……………Basilique St Rémi, Reims
……………Eglise Viels St Remy, Fr
……………Eglise Neuvizy, Fr.
1989 – Centre Culturel Espace 13, Paris.
1989 – “Earth Music” Centre Culturel Ocre d’Art, Châteauroux, Fr.
1989 – Espace Trésor; Reims.
1990 – “The Sacred – Looking Up” Musée Rimbaud, Charleville-Mézières, Fr.
90/91 – Expositions “Le Chant des Roches”:
……………Les Loges, Reims
……………Station Radio 93FM, Reims
……………Espace AGF, Reims.
1991 – “Underworld Earth Works”, BK Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany.
1993 – “Earth Spiral”, CAC, Brussels, Belgium.
94/95 – “L’Utopie”, Centre Culturel Ancien College, Sezanne, Fr.
1997 -”Earth Painting”, CCA, Munich, Germany.
1998 – LB Art Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland.
2000 – Galerie Jiwini, Albi, Fr.
00/01 – Galerie Out Of Australia, Toulouse, Fr.
2002 – “Earth Spirit”, Centre Culturel, Les Salvages, Fr.
2005 – “Distorted Nature”, Ancien Temple, Lacaze, Fr.
2006 – “Nightscapes”, Jam Factory, Adelaide, Australia.
2007 – “Nature Wide”, Junction Gallery, NYC, USA.
2008 – “New Real Nature”, Culture Centre, Buchholz IdN, Germany.
2013 – “The 12 Months / Les Douze Mois”, Médiathèque de Montreuil, Laon, Fr.
2013 – “Earth Lines”, Land Art, pigments on outdoor ground earth, Sculpture Park, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
2014 – “Draw a Thought / Dessiner une Pensée”, Bibliotheque Municipale Patrimoniale Suzanne Martinet, Laon, Fr.
2015 – “Bark Paintings”, Perspective Horizon Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2015 – “Ground Paintings”, Perspective Horizon Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2015 – “Ground Paintings”, Webster Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Group exhibitions.
82/84 -Schlosspavillon Gallery, Munich, Germany.
1987 -”Grande Prix de France des Arts Plastiques”, Ancien College, Reims.
87/88 -”Rituel Commun / Common Ritual” Exhibitions:
……………Australian Embassy, Paris
……………Galerie La Lisiere, Reims
……………Galerie Clin d’Oeil, Toulouse.
1988 -”Grandeur Nature”, SABC Centre d’Arts Plastiques, Clamart, Paris.
1989 -”Installation THNO” Sculpture Park, Tinos Island, Greece.
1992 -”Sun Earth”, Centre Culturel Co-Temporaire, Troyes, Fr.
93/98 -Galerie Ligne Roset, Reims.
2000 -Parc des Expositions, Caen, Fr.
2000 -”Art Passions”, Galerie d’Art, Boissezon, Fr.
2001 -”Earth Spirit / L’Esprit de la Terre”, CCI, Castres, Fr.
2002 -”Earth Spirit / L’Esprit de la Terre”, Centre Culturel, Les Salvages, Fr.
2003 -”Earth Spirit / L’Esprit de la Terre”, Château, Hôtel de Vile, Brassac, Fr.
2004 -”Nature Nature”, Lac du Merle, Fr.
2005 -”Installations”, Sculpture Park, Brassac.
06/07 -Galerie Ligne Roset, Reims.
2007 -”Where To Now ?”, Artist’s Space, NYC, USA.
2009 -”Earth Spirit / L’Esprit de la Terre”, Conservatoire, Laon, Fr.
2014 -”Earth Spirit / L’Esprit de la Terre”, Le Mail Culture Center, Soissons, Fr.

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Gerry Joe Weise, Australian blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, was born and grew up in Leichhardt, Sydney.
His primary influences were, and still are today, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher.
About Weise’s Jimi Hendrix connection: recently, Juma Sultan was a member of the Gerry Joe Weise band, for several concerts and festivals in the USA and in Europe (2013-14). Weise has also played with Noel Redding in Ireland and France during the 1990′s.

In the beginning, Gerry Joe Weise had the guitarist spot in several Sydney bands that opened for AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Angels, Rose Tattoo and Dragon. He later moved to Europe searching for new musical experiences, while living in Germany, Switzerland and France, establishing contacts with touring agents and record companies in Europe and the USA.

When Gerry Joe Weise initiated his solo career as leader of his own band in 1991, that led to appearing on the European 1992 Chicago Blues Festival Tour, and the European 1992 San Francisco Blues Festival Tour. He and his band also made admirable performances at important festivals in France: Cahors Blues Festival, Cognac Blues Passions Festival, Bordeaux Blues De Graves Festival, and the Amiens Jazz Festival with Buddy Guy.

During his tours of Europe in the 1980′s and 90′s, he has had the chance to jam on stage with B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton and Albert Collins. While at other various European events, he has opened for Ray Charles, Gary Moore, the Yardbirds, Canned Heat, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Jimmie Vaughan and Joe Louis Walker.

The year 2008 had Gerry Joe Weise sign a contract deal with the Chicago Illinois based record label, Blues Breaking Records. Since then, he has become co-producer with the record label for his albums, singles and Dvd projects. As a songwriter, Weise has published over 80 original songs, ranging from blues to rock to jazz.

In recent years, 2009 to 2014.
The last five years have been significant for Gerry Joe Weise, starting in 2009 with his opus “Blues Down Under”, an album release which met critical success, that led to numerous tours of the USA and Europe.
In 2010 he opened for Robert Cray and Buddy Guy in the USA, and added to the European and USA tours: Hawaii, Polynesia, Fiji, Tahiti, Poland, North Africa and New Zealand.

2011 saw the “Live Blues World Tour” album with live recordings from the previous year’s touring of the North and South Pacific, USA, Europe and Africa. Also in that year was released the single “Blues For Gary Moore” which has become Weise’s most popular downloaded song.

The year 2012 had again tours of the USA and Europe, while adding to that year’s tour list; Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. During the same year, the definitive Gerry Joe Weise live album “Live And Proud”, a compilation of his best live tracks appeared, which was well received by the critics.

All of 2013 was devoted entirely to touring Western and Eastern Europe including Russia, Scandinavia, and around the Mediterranean Sea on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica; while preparing for the following year’s album release.

That brings us up to 2014, with the release of “Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary”, celebrating 20 years as a solo recording artist, representing twelve of his finest songs, and Weise’s most popular album to date. After the February album launch, he embarked on a tour of Vietnam, Australia including the Broadbeach Blues Festival QLD, on a USA tour culminating at the Gardenstock Festival with Juma Sultan in Dixon IL, a stopover in Fiji, over to Europe organized by Sony, then back to Australia again, where he resides on the North Coast NSW.

2014, Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary (Blues Breaking Records)
2012, Live And Proud (Blues Breaking Records)
2011, Live Blues World Tour (Blues Breaking Records)
2009, Blues Down Under (Blues Breaking Records)
2005, Sydney Paris Blues (Blues Breaking Records)
1999, Bushman Boogie Deluxe (Blues Breaking Records)
1996, A Letter To Jimi (ABM, Australia)
1994, Live In Paris (Blues Breaking Records)
2011, Blues For Gary Moore (Blues Breaking Records)
2010, Gerry Joe’s Houserocker (Blues Breaking Records)
2012, Blues Gone Wild (Blues Breaking Records)

Note #1. Gerry Joe Weise released his popular debut 1994 solo album, “Live In Paris”, recorded at the Cadran where Jimi Hendrix performed in ’67. In 1996 he released his Hendrix tribute album, “A Letter To Jimi”, that led to performing with Noel Redding at the 1996 30th Commemoration of the first ’66 Jimi Hendrix Experience concert. In 1999 he opened for the Scorpions at the 7,000 seated Zenith in Toulouse, France, performing alone on Dobro and vocals.

Note #2. In 2000 Gerry Joe Weise wrote the music arrangement for Australian aboriginal rock band Nabarlek’s “Ngalgarldilmegen / Two Sisters”, which appeared on their 2001 “Bininj Manborlh / Blackfella Road” album (Skinnyfish Records, Australia), and was nominated Best World Music Album in 2002 at the ARIA Music Awards in Australia (Australian Recording Industry Association). Weise performed live in concert as guitarist for Nabarlek at the Cite De La Musique in Paris, during the 2010 Terres De Resistance Festival with Tinariwen (Mali) and Blackfire (Navajo), that was featured on Tracks Arte TV in France and Germany. Plus Gerry Joe Weise appeared on national televison TV1 in New Zealand featuring his original song “Dreamtime Shuffle”, during the February March 2010 New Zealand Tour.

Note #3. In the past Gerry Joe Weise has also opened for Iggy Pop, Luther Allison, Chick Willis, Dave Hole, Deborah Coleman, Matt Guitar Murphy, Luther Houserocker Johnson, Bob Brozman, Jerry McCain, Otis Grand, Billy Branch, Mark Hummel and Nine Below Zero.

Note #4. Gerry Joe Weise has headlined on the following events: the 2008 Santa Maria Blues Festival on the Azores Isles, 2009 Woodstock 40th Anniversary Tribute Festival, 2009 Scottsdale ArtFest in Arizona USA, 2012 Presqu’Ile Blues Festival in France, 2012 Gardenstock Art and Music Festival in Dixon Ilinois USA, 2013 Hookrock Blues and Roots Festival in Diepenbeek Belgium, 2013 Paris Unhate Festival with Juma Sultan as band member.

Press Coverage.
“Hot rod tone and blues abuse, Gerry Joe Weise has injected new energy into the Blues. His larger than life tones and outstanding solos add to a rich mix of blues rock arrangements.” John Douglas, Blues Magazine, USA.

“Gerry Joe Weise’s coming off of concert dates in the Pacific, the Azores Isles, Scandinavia, New Zealand, throughout Europe and his homeland of Australia. And, though occasionally he wakes up not knowing what country he’s in, Weise is on a one-man mission to continue playing the blues.” Megan Gloss, TH Magazine, USA.

“Gerry Joe Weise is a must see for any fan of Hendrix-style blues guitar.” 365 Ink Magazine, USA.

“Direct from ‘’down under’’, Australia’s top blues guitarist, Gerry Joe Weise makes a special appearance for the Gardenstock Art & Music Festival 2012, which is part of Weise’s Midwest Tour with a guitar Master Class at the Woodlawn Art Academy.” Anna Virginia Greene, WQAD8 Illinois, USA.

“The tracks on this album composed by bluesman Gerry Joe Weise have both fire and power.” Guitarist Magazine.

“21st Century blues rock. The abuse and the raw power create a sonic landscape that spotlights the talents of Gerry Joe Weise. Singer and accomplished songwriter, he has written many tunes, some of which have had radio airplay. To sum things up, he has performed amazing guitar at festivals and concerts around the World.” John Douglas, Blues Magazine, USA.

“Downright and he has the blues, this man from across the Southern Hemisphere, new exciting guitar on this album from Gerry Joe Weise.” Rolling Stone Magazine.

“Gerry Joe Weise, the support act, inflamed the Palace hall, heating up the spectators with his well played mix of compositions, arrangements and classics. Gerry Joe really knows how to play them blues. A great performance by the rhythm section, and a “bravo” to Gerry Joe Weise’s stage performance done with gusto.” Est Republicain Newspaper, 9th Chicago Blues Festival, Europe.

“First on stage was Gerry Joe Weise from Australia and his trio. They ‘blistered the blues down’ as Gerry Joe produced a quantity of excellent blues licks and solos, played on his Stratocaster along with growling vocals; as the members of the San Francisco Blues Festival looked on with smiling approval.” Union Newspaper, 20th San Francisco Blues Festival, Europe.

“It wasn’t easy to perform after Buddy Guy, but the Australian bluesman, Gerry Joe Weise and his trio came on stage just after midnight, as Gerry Joe strapped on his guitar. His energetic guitar style, produced scorching blues licks, likened to that of Buddy Guy’s intensity. Gerry Joe Weise’s forte is his honest bluesman approach. The night was hot and sweaty, which measured up well to the expectations of all.” 12th Amiens Jazz Festival, Philippe Lacoche, Courrier Picard Newspaper, France.

“It has all been said before that Gerry Joe Weise pays complete respect to Hendrix via personal interpretations, and that sums up well the originality and musicality he infused into that night’s performance. After a short intermission, Noel Redding came out on stage.” 30th Jimi Hendrix Experience Commemoration, M.Thevenin, Voodoo Child Magazine USA.

“When Gerry Joe Weise arrived in southern France, he called up his old Brit-mate, drummer Keith Boyce from Savoy Brown and Heavy Metal Kids fame. Boyce and bassist Jean-Paul Lopez (ex. Otis Grand) were pounding it out on stage as Gerry Joe Weise played blistering blues licks on psychedelic arrangements. Gerry Joe was inspired that night, and so were the Yardbirds who were preparing for their World Tour.” Julie Veraz, Blues News Magazine.

“Gerry Joe Weise strapped on his old 1960 red Silvertone electric guitar and plugged it in, as his drummer and bassist walked on stage. By then the whole concert hall was singing along with the band. Gerry Joe Weise, a virtuoso on the guitar, entertained and played power blues, while their fine song arrangements never left anyone indifferent. “It’s just great, it rocks!”, called out delighted fans. At 11.00 pm it was time for Gerry Joe Weise to leave the stage for the next trio formation: the Acoustic Blues Summit, with lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Louis Walker, Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy (Blues Brothers) on guitar, and Billy Branch on Harmonica.” J.M.Peyral, Centre Hebdo Newspaper, France.

“Without a doubt, Gerry Joe Weise is an excellent guitarist, with proven skills, feeling and always precise. Gerry Joe Weise is a true bluesman.” Jacques Perin, Soul Bag, France.

“Gerry Joe Weise has the know-how to keep the blues alive while boiling the Kelvin scale in a rock attitude. Damn right he has the essence of the blues at his fingertips.” K.C., Tagblatt Kolding, Denmark.

“A vigorously virile concert performed by Gerry Joe Weise and his funk-beat drummer at Antonio’s. Non-stop guitar action from this fine musician from down under, who plays blues influenced by hard-rock and jazz.” Paola Ferri, Quotidiano Milan, Italy.

“If you haven’t seen Gerry Joe Weise’s new act, you certainly have to catch him next at the Biker’s Cafe. His recent tour concerts have had a lot of success with rock-blues consumers across Germany.” Süddeutsche München, Germany.

“Staying with a big guitar sound is Australia’s Gerry Joe Weise. He has put aside traditional Australian instruments that had given his former album great color, to concentrate more on vocals and guitar.” Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag, France.

“Gerry Joe Weise completely illuminated by the blues, is on a mission to spread the word, or should I say the music. In fact he is touring Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and Portugal with his power blues. Gerry Joe is known in both circles, that is in traditional and modern fusion blues, where anything goes, which is just what he is committed to.” Tageszeitung Innsbruck, Austria.

“Gerry Joe Weise s’affirmant avec des musiciens comme Tommy Emmanuel, Dave Hole, Gwyn Ashton ou Rob Tognoni d’un son: Made in Australia.” Guitare & Basse Magazine, France.

“Das Fachmagazine Gitarre widmete ihm ein Feature, wies dabaei auf Einflüsse von Hound Dog Taylor, Albert Collins und Muddy Waters hin und belegte sein Spiel mit Prädikaten wie ökonomisch, flexibel und elegant. Das charakterisiert Gerry Joes Musik – eine Melange aus Blues, Boogie und Swing.” Jörg Musterheim, General Anzeiger, Germany.

“Un nou valor del Blues. Gerry Joe Weise, Blues exposat amb elegància i moderat intimisme, pero amb tot el shuffle i el swing que fa falta. A tenir molt en compte et virtuosisme del gaiter.” Luis Pena, Catalunya Cultura, Spain.

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