Les Murdoch

Les was born in Bowraville ,NSW in 1957, and is an Aboriginal contemporary artist .

Les’s works are a fusion of indigeneous dot with highly complex Op art illusions with unique surreal qualities “There is nothing else like it in this world!” -

Darren Green – Bowraville Art Gallery Curator Les Murdoch began painting 10 years ago and has developed his own style which is now being recoginised as the start of a new movement of art that being Aboriginal Op Art Surrealism. Not only is this a first in Australia but also the world.

Les is inspired by nature and it’s many faces and delights in creating hidden layers of illusions that deceptivley catch the viewer by surprise when revealed. His uncanny ability to blend colours together in complex compositions result in images that literally jump off the walls and grab the audiences attention.

Les is currently being recorded by an official art history research institute as the originator of a new movement of Aboriginal Contemporary art and it is called Aborigianl Contemporary Op Art Surrealism.

Also Les has recently been chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Parliament House NSW Indigineous Art Prize 2005.

Les has just completed a successful exhibition of select works at the most comprehensive Australian Art Show at Art Sydney 2005.

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