Nick Warfield

Nick Warfield is a sculptor, maker and installation artist based near Bellingen. The scope of his practice encompasses sculpture, installation, furniture, decor, structure and workshops.

“Thrown away objects offer me constant invitation. Their inherent energy stored within rust and decay, kinks and worn surfaces, warped shapes and frayed edges. A history of utility. Wastefulness is an ugly luxury we can not afford. The act of creation far outweighs the act of consumption. My Art projects an attitude where waste is not just waste but rather an opportunity to embrace innovation, imagination and humanity. I feel that as a man living in a western world it is unsustainable for me to rely on new materials. I have learnt to scrounge, sift, recycle, scrap, pilfer, dumpster dive, trawl, dredge and reincarnate. I am a sculptor, surfer and groover living in Bellingen.”

Check out his video on our ArtsVideos on our Home Page. His work also features at the Bowerhouse Community Reuse Centre.

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