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Santiago Acera – Film and Documentary Maker

My academic background is mainly as an actor. At 21 I graduated in my native Spain from the Spanish equivalent of NIDA. For fifteen years I made a living as an actor. In my credits: 15 theatre productions (including with the Spanish National Theatre company), 9 TV series, 2 films, and numerous shorts. I kept training myself and became a singer and a flamenco dancer.

I spent a year in Japan doing over 450 performances of different shows before arriving to Australia in 1995.

Australia was and still is an adventure for me. A marvellous one. Though artistically, with my strong accent and living in a rural environment, it is an adventure of survival too as a performer.

So far, I have had ongoing jobs as a flamenco dancer (including at the Global Festival, Bellingen), stand-up comedian (including at the Comedy Store and Harold Park Hotel, Sydney), actor (including a guest starring role in the TV series “Flipper”), and voice-overs. I became a high school teacher and teaching of drama and performing arts has been a constant in my life for the last decade (including schools, private tuition and institutions such as Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney, and Grafton’s Conservatorium and Juvenile Justice Centre) Apart from teaching, I conduct workshops on communication skills and cross-cultural awareness. I have also directed quite a few plays, having been the artistic director of the Grafton Theatre Company, and with the youth drama groups that I’ve been creating along the way.

I have won some awards such as the Best Male Performer at the Coffs Harbour Spring Festival of Theatre, but the one I feel more proud of is the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal awarded by the Australian Government. I am deeply involved in community work both locally and overseas. Locally, I was the general coordinator of the inaugural Clarence Valley Multicultural festival of the Five Senses. Overseas, for a year and a half I was the artistic director of the only existing circus in the African nation of Eritrea. I also spent six months right after the 2004 tsunami in the Republic of Maldives, working with tsunami survivors.

I am, however, presenting myself here as an independent filmmaker, which is what I’ve been doing most for the last couple of years. I’ve created a small film company, Marginal Media Productions –

Visit the website for a fair impression of the projects I’m engaged with through the company.

Films produced so far include all sorts of material:

You can find more in  - There are 68 original videos there. Browse around as not all the videos are in English. There are videos in Spanish, Dutch, Dhivehi and Tigrinya too.

This is what I’m working on right now:

Do you need any filming done? I can film in standard or high digital definition and my services are very negotiable.

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