Tanya Kingston

Tanya Kingston was born in Manchester, UK and spent her early years in Washington DC and Baltimore, USA. Tanya was schooled later in England and after matriculation she won a scholarship to study illustration and design at Goldsmiths’ London. This was followed by a scholarship to Kings College, Newcastle-on-Tyne. While raising her family, she worked as an illustrator from 1970-1987, and has been nominated for various book awards.

Tanya Kingston was resident artist at the NSW University Atelier of the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris from March to July 1997. Since holding her first solo show at the Grace Brothers Gallery in 1975, her fine art practice has consisted of large scale oil paintings and bronze sculptures. Expansive in nature, her painting has developed around the study of the figure in space, both physical and psychological space. In recent years she has exhibited in Paris, Belgium and USA, as well as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Tanya Kingston entered post-graduate study in 1992 and holds a Master of Art Degree and a Masters’ Research Degree (MFA) from the Sydney College of Fine Arts. In March 2001 Tanya was awarded a fellowship grant to the Vermont Studio Centre, USA as an artist in residence, which allowed her work to explore spatial abstraction, with the figure as ‘vector’. February 2003 Tanya was awarded a residency at the Pouch Cove Artist Studio in Newfoundland, Canada, for March and April 2004.

Tanya has been invited to show with the Experimental Art Foundation in Indiana and also with the Hall of Ocean and Sea in Beijing as well as with various private galleries. In 2003 Tanya had two solo shows with the Thierry B Gallery in Melbourne, ‘New York State of Mind’ and ‘Summer Paintings’.

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