New learning facility set to re-imagine education


Alithia Learning - Discover Create Connect

Alithia Learning is a registered charity in Valla, running creative workshops and events for kids of all ages. Started about 7 months ago Alithia will run things all this year, while also building a communal space for more creative workshops and indigenous cultural activities.

Here are some blogs of the events that have been held to date:




The Communal collaborative space will be opening in 2019 catering for children aged 5-12 years (and their families).

The Alithia Learning Space will be the first Young Innovators Hub (YIH) offering various workshops and hands-on activities (STEAM, creative, cultural, environmental, educational and holistic) as well as a new process for collaborative innovation, where children are encouraged to instigate projects, develop ideas together and put them into action.

The collaborative innovation process uses positive communication tools and methods for developing ideas and ensuring a safe, supportive environment, where children’s voices are heard, the neurons in their brain are firing, and their development and well being are nurtured. Strategies for keeping young minds innovating and thinking laterally encompass creative activities; building a sense of trust, belonging and connection; empowerment; reflection; fun cognitive processes; research; and much more.

You can also check out their website to see what workshops and events are coming up