The Phantom Art Show


The Phantom Art Show at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery is in its last weeks with the closing date of 12 May fast approaching. This has been an outstanding exhibition and has attracted a large crowd, interested in seeing The Phantom works in an underground cave like setting – their natural habitat. More than 1700 people have taken advantage of this spectacular show, keeping the art of the Phantom alive! If you haven’t yet seen it, make your way to Coffs Harbour’s Bunker Cartoon Gallery in the next 10 days to view the exhibition. Open every day from 10.00 till 4.00pm, there’s not a moment to lose!

This isn’t a Phantom memorabilia show. It’s an art exhibition featuring many of Australia’s leading artists. There are paintings by Reg Mombassa, Charles Blackman, Euan MacLeod, Michael Leunig and Peter Kingston to name a few. All of the artists have painted their impressions of the Phantom, often in an Australian setting. There are also carvings, moving models, diaramas and videos – something for everyone.