Abundance 2, A Celebration of Generosity – Invitation to presenters

Invitation to Add to Abundance 2 and Celebrate Generosity


Abundance, A Celebration of Generosity is just that: an experience of genuine sharing. This weekend is about giving and receiving our abundant gifts, skills, ideas and questions; it is about choosing to be generous and connecting to who we truly are to create vibrant, thriving communities and networks that nurture us all.

We warmly invite you to contribute by offering your talents and skills and adding your workshops, presentations, performances, etc.

Join us and spread hope, have fun and celebrate the journey to an abundant, generous future.

All session are given as gifts – your reward will be the heartfelt presents of the people you inspire.

Would you like to contribute? Please send us:

  • Your workshop/talk/presentation, etc. title
  • A 100 word outline of your session with timeframe (30 min/60 min/90min)
  • Your ‘tools’ (i.e. what you will use in your presentation, etc. such as: conversation, drawing, storytelling) and your requirements (i.e. table and chairs)
  • 30 word (max) bio about who you are

We look forward to hearing from you, Hamish, Iris, Jodi & Michael