Ronnie Grammatica takes major prize in the 2017 Pix from the Stix competition


Ronnie Grammatica took out the major prize in the 2017 Pix from the Stix competition - Pictured.

A local mid north coast photographer, Ronnie Grammatica, recently took out the major prize in the Pix from the Stix competition for his photographic portrait “Samuele”.

Ronnie is an Italian born and trained photographer who relocated to the mid north coast of Australia a few years ago. His passion is telling stories through photographs.

The winning photograph forms part of a series for which he says he was inspired by a white marble portrait statue of Julius's Caesar, dictator of the Roman Empire. The series comprises of portraits of “i vechietti”, a group of elderly gentlemen with Italian heritage who are living on the mid north coast of Australia. Each Friday they get together and pass the morning chatting in Italian. Ronnie says, “I find it incredible how different each of their journeys has been, yet every Friday we all sit around the same table in the same coffee shop debating the same old things.” This series of portraits was taken on one of those mornings.

For this particular project Ronnie explains, “I adopted a typology approach, producing a suite of images shot in a consistent, repetitive manner. I wanted the emphasis to be on comparison and analysis, prompting us to pause and reflect on similarities and subtle differences between the subjects”.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 16 July 2017 at the Gloucester Gallery, 25 Denison Street, Gloucester.

You can see the full series and some of Ronnie’s other work at

Photo - Ronnie and Samuele (left) accepting the major prize at the Gloucester Gallery from Adele Compton organiser from the Pix from the Stix committee