Jan Johnson Furness. Painter

Jan Johnson Furness 4score

Jan and her husband Bob moved to Tea Gardens in 2015, she then became a member of the not-for-profit art group Galleries in the Gardens (GIG) and now exhibits her works for sale locally.

Jan, with her characteristic tenacity, was instrumental in the conceptualisation through to securing of GIG’s first dedicated display space, ‘The Gallery’ at Tea Gardens which officially opened in early 2018.  She was bestowed the role of Gallery Manager, holds a Committee position with GIG and does very much more than her fair share (with her husband Bob) of rostered days on reception at The Gallery.

Born in Sydney, Australia.  Jan has always loved to paint. In her late teens she attended a fine arts course at what is now known as the National Art School.

Over many years, Jan has painted with many well-known artists e.g. Joshua Smith, Eve Close, Arthur Murch, Helen French-Kennedy, Rex Newell, Robert Hagan and many others.

She has been involved in the art world in many guises…15 years as an agent for 34 professional artists, then for 7 years as director and owner of the Old Northern Gallery in Dural, a suburb of Sydney, retiring to paint full-time in 2000.

She does not have a ‘set’ style of painting, enjoying a wide variety of subjects and also enjoys commissions of many subjects from very small to very large.

Her paintings have sold to commercial businesses in Australia and privately to people from France, England, Ireland, Canada, Montenegro and the U.S.A.