Kevin Atkins. Musician


This was originally published back in 2017.
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Kevin Atkins has been playing piano and organ since he had his first lesson at nine years of age. But, he says, he was in his 80s before he realized other people might also like what he plays…

“I've played at nursing homes, retirement villages and the like but it wasn’t until I started playing at the Glasshouse about seven years ago that I seemed to find people that thought I played the piano okay.” He admits playing to his first ‘captive audience’ at Kendall. He was 80 years of age.

It was a chance encounter with Glasshouse staff during a casual walk with his son that opened up Mr Atkins’ weekly gig. “We were walking through the Glasshouse and I saw the piano. A staff member asked if I played and I said ‘I try too’. “The next minute I was being asked to come back and play a regular gig on a Wednesday,” he said…
Mr Atkins says the versatility of the piano and the variety of music available to play are the main attractions for him. He will continue to play as ‘long as other people are enjoying the music’.He enjoys playing the classics, themes from films right through to some modern-day classics.

You can hear 85 year old Kevin Atkins play at the Glasshouse every Wednesday morning from about 10am until 12.30pm.
With thanks to the Camden Haven Courier.