Stitches, Threads, Yarns and More. Workshops


The Mid North Coast Chapter of Museums Australia has secured funding  under the  Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program for another series of workshops on collections management. ‘Stitches, Threads, Yarns & More’  with noted museum specialist Kylie Winkworth will be held at 3 locations across the Mid North Coast – Coffs Harbour will host 3 workshops, 2 workshops will be held at Port Macquarie and a further 2 workshops at Wingham. It is envisaged that participants will attend workshops at one of the three locations only.

The first workshop at Coffs Harbour will be held on Wednesday 10 April 2019. The first workshop at Port Macquarie will be held on Tuesday 4 June and the first Wingham workshop on Wednesday 5 June 2019.

Each of the first workshops will explain the project in more detail and provide an introduction to collection documentation and significance (for those learning) or an opportunity to refresh and update skills and knowledge (for those who have attended previous workshops). Please note the focus for these workshops will be on all object types, not only costume and textile collections.

The timing of follow up workshops will be determined with participants.

There is no cost to attend the workshops. Morning tea will be provided and participants can bring along their own lunch or purchase lunch from cafes near each of the training venues.

Enquiries and Bookings to: Debbie Sommers. 0438 195 776