What are the best Digital Channels

The digital channels you use will depend on the type of business you have.  Before you can actually start in the selection process you need to know about each channel and assess its suitability for your business.  Each business is different and it is most likely that their strategy will include some or all of the standard popular channels.  The following is a typical structure for many businesses in 2018 :

  1. Fast loading and mobile first optimised Website
  2. Email Marketing with personalisation and automation. More than 205 billion emails are sent daily – predicted to continue to grow.
  3. Social Media – Video continues to kick high, but with recent Facebook algorithm change which prioritises content from “friends, family, and groups,” we’re going to see marketers ramp up efforts for live video.
  4. Messenger Marketing and Chat bots – lots of excitement around this new method of communicating with customers – set to take off in the next few years.
  5. External blogging platforms such as Medium