Creating New Income – A Toolkit

Creating New Income: A Toolkit to Support Creative Practice

Looking for advice on how to build skills and capacity across philanthropy, sponsorship and crowdfunding?

You’ve come to the right place! The Create NSW  Creating New Income Toolkit has just landed, and is aimed at helping small to medium arts, screen and cultural organisations to flourish.

This Toolkit takes a “how to” approach, and details the steps needed to grow and develop income streams from sources such as philanthropy, sponsorship, crowdfunding and new products.

Individual guides and fact sheets contain links to related information throughout the Toolkit, including successful case studies from around NSW.

Download : Full Toolkit Here

Or for more information visit Create NSW

Starting a Business

Although not specifically arts related the most useful New South Wales online resource is which has sections relating to: starting a business, running your business, growing your business , business planning, marketing and sales and management. However Arts Tasmania does have a number or recommended links and material specifically for arts and creative businesses. Its Arts Business and Artform resources pages is a collection of links to websites that may assist artists and arts organisations across all artforms to develop their skills, connections, profile and business practices. They are organised by art form including music, writing, design, performing and visual art and more as well as arts business links. The Business page covers the areas of:

  • Organisational structures and starting an arts business
  • Business planning
  • Budgeting / finance
  • Project management
  • Legal
  • Insurance

Insurance for Individual Artists

Regional Arts NSW now offers insurance for Individual Artists

Regional Arts NSW and Finsura have developed Artsure by Finsura an insurance package tailored for individual artists not covered by Regional Arts NSW group insurance policies. To find out more head to

Regional Arts Victoria offers Individual Memberships for practicing artists and artworkers across Australia. Members are able to access through this individual Public & Products Liability Insurance.  For enquiries contact 03 9644 1800 or email or go to:

A range of other peak and specialist bodies and organisations may also offer appropriate insurance cover including:

Duck for Cover is a not for profit association offering affordable insurance for performers (including workshops)

The National Association for the Visual Arts, (NAVA) offers an insurance package as part of its premium professional membership for visual artists.

Ausdance has worked with insurance company Aon to develop a comprehensive dance insurance package designed for the specific needs of the dance industry.

The Association of Community Theatre acts as an umbrella group for amateur and community theatre groups. Members are entitled to access a group insurance policy.

Insurance for Groups

Regional Arts NSW offers discounted group insurance policies with Finsura to any not-for-profit arts organisation nation-wide that joins as an affiliate member.

Group Insurance Policy Cover for Affiliate Members

Regional Arts NSW affiliate members may be eligible to join our Group Public liability and Voluntary Workers Personal Accident insurance schemes. To be eligible affiliates must be a legal entity such as a registered association or not-for profit organisation, and have arts or cultural purposes as part of the organisation’s objectives. Organisations such as arts councils, festivals, artists’ societies and writers groups are welcome to apply.

Affiliate Fees

The annual subscription for affiliate members is $55.00 (including GST). To apply for membership, email a complete affiliate membership form to

Available Policies

  1. Broadform Liability or ‘Public Liability’ Insurance
  2. Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance

For further information contact Regional Arts NSW