A Guide for Establishing and Managing a Night Time Economy

This 2019 report arose from a Parliamentary Enquiry into Live Music and the Night Time economy.


What’s in the guide?

  • A step by step guide to the approvals process, including the development application (DA) and liquor licence process
  • What the NTE is and how development within this sector requires additional considerations during the DA process
  • Common NTE uses and corresponding land use definitions to help guide you through the DA process
  • Examples of council policy and processes from across NSW to highlight that every council has subtle differences that need to be acknowledged when navigating the approvals process
  • Relevant NSW legislation

Staging Live Music. All You Need to Know!

Whether you are an artist wanting to stage live music or a venue or organisation thinking of staging an event all you need to know can be found in the incredible online resources of the Live Music Office. Their online section Live Music includes very useful advice on:

  • Who can get involved
  • Event management
  • Liaising with artists
  • Working with venues
  • Promoting your event
  • Case studies :

Go to http://livemusicoffice.com.au/gigs-and-events/

Put Yourself on the Music Map!

The Live Music Office has built an online map to help bring the live music sector closer together. Essentially a tool for artists and the broader live music industry, the map lists everything you need to find and support gigs and help you tour your way across the country. From venues to production, promoters to promotion, it’ll have you on the stage in no time.

All live venues and music operators should make sure they are listed on the map : http://livemusicoffice.com.au/livemusicmap/

Live Music Just what is the Law?

The live music sector has interaction with government at local, state and federal levels across cultural, regulatory and built environment policy.
Venues operate within a co-regulatory framework. Often there is a lack of alignment, information and transparency across the various hoops that you have to jump through before you can operate a venue or host an event.

Liquor licensing, planning and environmental protection guidelines are determined at the state level, for example. Whereas local planning controls, development consent for venues, loading conditions for venues and events approvals lie with local government. You can find detailed information on these matters at http://livemusicoffice.com.au/policy/


MusicNSW exists to support the creative and economic expansion of the NSW contemporary Music Industry through advocacy, resource assistance, activating growth of industry infrastructure, delivery of tailored initiatives and provision of advice and referrals. It is a not for profit Industry Association set up to represent, promote and develop the contemporary music industry in New South Wales, Australia, in addition to managing a number of Music Development projects.

If you are interested or involved in contemporary music you should be using it to check on grants, workshops and other opportunities. It also has a number of very useful templates. http://www.musicnsw.com/