Online & Social Media Marketing


Here at Arts Mid North Coast we realize that most of our community are promoting themselves online via a website and/or Social Media.  So we have developed a special newsletter series of 'Top Tips' to extend and enhance our connection with the artists & creatives community on the Mid North Coast. These newsletters are full of current Social Media Marketing techniques and tips applicable to all business operating online.



Issue 1 - If you're gonna do it do it right!

Images and Promotional Material

If you are going to invest time and money into getting your arts event up and running creating a great, effective and multipurpose flyer or image is easy with lots of tools and resources available online

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Issue 2 - Stop guessing and start measuring

The Source of all (online) information

Putting a lot of time and money into cultivating your online presence is great, but without actually tracking and measuring how will you know how well your efforts are working?

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Issue 3 - Video Part 1

Why is video suddenly so hot!

Have you noticed how much video is taking over our social channels?.  Well, the rise of mobile has had a lot to do with this but there is one reason in particular which we reveal and the ramifications to your social presence.

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Issue 4 - 30 seconds to tell your story!

Video Plan: Ingredients and Tools

Video is important and if you want a successful business online, you have to create lots of them so this issue focuses on areas to get you in the right direction, starting your journey into video creation:

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Issue 5 - Customers Are the Heart of your Business

CRMs - Customer Relationship Management

Because Customers are the most valuable asset to any business, each business ought to be storing and managing any information available and use this to nurture and build strong relationships.

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