What it means for Artists to Follow their Dream



Two years ago I had the pleasure of opening the 'A Little to the Left Studio & Gallery' in Taree which was established by the sheer passion, determination and enthusiasm of Sam Everett and her supportive family. There is an amazing back story to this which we will save for another day. It’s hard to believe that on Saturday December 1 I will again be returning to open Mixed Bag, a fantastic group exhibition of 31 established and emerging Artists who have created works around their most sentimental Bag...Yep Sam is known for her collaborative skills, her story telling and incredible spirit. This is well shown by the invitation sent out which encapsulates so well what art means to artists.

Wow, these years have flown,
And how we have grown!
From a life-long Dream -
it is truly a scream!
To think that from nothing
such wonders can sprout;
Fibre and Emerging Artists are
what we're still about!

No more Centrelink queues,
for I've paid my dues.
Earn a living from Galleries?! -
Well, it's not CEO salaries!
It's enough
and I'm chuffed;
And I think you'll agree,
that turning 2 means a big deal to me...

So come one, come all -
please answer the call;
Together lets party,
and get all cool-arty!
There's more than just cake and me and my mother -
for a show is opening, a show like no other!

Mixed Bag is its name,
for that's what we are;
a whole lot of characters, all
playing the star;
So lets shine together,
and sing and drink wine,
For its a Little left Birthday,
And I'm feeling fine!

Mixed Bag runs until Saturday December 22