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100 artworks for a koala – last call for Australian based artists – art for conservation

Concept: 100 ARTWORKS for a KOALA

100 Australian based artists to provide an original artwork –  painting, collage, photography, digital, street art (hi res photo) , sculpture, glass, ceramic…  featuring a koala, Eucalyptus or bush fires …or a combination. 

From the beauty of nature and the cuteness of a koala to the disturbing realities of loss of habitat, disease, destructive fire, drought, climate change and the real threat of extinction for the koala in the wild.  We are interested in the artist’s portrayal of the world of the koala.  

We are close to reaching our target of 100 artists based in Australia – over 90 so far, from every state and territory in Australia. If any artist is interested in participating we would be happy to send more information. Originals due by July 2020.

The originals to be sold at an international auction in the US (to be confirmed but planning on Australia Day 2021);  the No 1 of the limited editions  [A2] to form the basis of a travelling exhibition to tour Australia at the end of 2020 and throughout 2021 at 100 venues including museums, galleries, public spaces, community halls, hotels, clubs,  zoos, sanctuaries, eucalyptus forests and other inspiring locations.

Revenue generated is shared between the artist and Living with Koalas (many artists are happy to provide pro bono). We will use the funds generated for our awareness programmes and school visits and well as funding our koala food tree nurturing and planting programme.  We think the 100 ARTWORKS for a KOALA will fund the growing of at least 100,000 koala food trees.

For further information and images and contact  G Henshaw (mr – I only have a letter as a first name – I blame my pommy hippy parents)

Director – Living with Koalas 


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