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Connecting Communities & Culture

Calling all Performers! 

We want to capture a snapshot of who’s out there performing on the Coffs coast!

By finding out about what you do, we can see what our live music industry looks like, help close up any gaps and nourish it to grow!

If you perform on the Coffs Coast we want to hear from you!

Census entries close September 10th @ 5:00pm

The census can then be used to create a freely accessible database for promoters, businesses and venues to find musicians and will help inform local policy to better support live music on the Coffs Coast.

Please fill out your details so we can:

  • Develop a local database of musicians so you can get more gigs
  • Help you get more gigs and help venues, businesses and touring acts find you and your music!
  • Know your keen to perform at the Coffs Live Micro-Festival events later this year!
  • Better understand what barriers your facing in getting more gigs
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