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Hometown show for three globe-trotting creatives

Article submitted by, Sheree Lyons Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery on, June 8, 2021

The coast and surfing are stitched into the culture of the Coffs Coast community and the new exhibition at Culture Hub features three home-grown artists who grew up surfing together, then travelled further abroad to carve out successful creative careers.

 Very Own showcases the artistic works of Duncan Macfarlane, Harry Triglone and Gareth Budge. The exhibition is a personal representation of their experiences and adventures on the Coffs Coast and around the world. Diverse in style and technique, the works carry the common thread of laid-back fun, exploration and surfing.

Duncan Macfarlane’s art evolved from his award-winning surf photography. For years, Duncan has been documenting his global surf trips through words, images and mixed media in his personal journals. Enjoy an intimate glimpse behind-the-scenes as he shares photographs of the “best wave I’ve ever seen”, alongside gritty descriptions of being on the road.

Gareth Budge’s photography work was captured in Berlin and Los Angeles, with a nod to the tropical island of Bali where he lived, worked and surfed for years. A mixed media artist, Gareth has some work printed on surfboards and explores the ever-changing nature of posters on the public landscape: here one day, gone the next.

Australian filmmaker and founder of his own Fun Boys label, Harry Triglone, says his approach to life, art and surfing is to not take it too seriously. Harry’s work shines a light on underground surf icons and his films will be splashing up the walls at Culture Hub, projecting a collection of good times plus threads for sale under his clothing label.

Very Own: 4 June – 3 July at Culture Hub, Level 1 Coffs Central Shopping Centre, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour. Open Tuesdays – Saturdays 10am-4pm.

Very Own is the latest and final exhibition in the popular pop-up space, Culture Hub, an initiative of Coffs Harbour Libraries, Museum and Gallery, in association with Coffs Central. 

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