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The information & links contained in this article were published in 2018 and may no longer be current. We recommend checking the following sections for more recent content - Editors Blog

La Scala Programme

La Scala is more than a theatre, it’s an art centre and the flexibility of its spaces ensures it can deliver an exciting and varied program as highlighted by the first few months of its new life

The opening show featured Scala, a specially commissioned piece by Yoann Bourgeois. A combination of theatre dance and circus, Scala, is a chain reaction where the bodies of the eight acrobats and dancers defied fear and gravity. It runs for a month.

This last weekend has seen 48 hours of music under the banner of, To Arms, Contemporaries. It involved 7 different shows. These have ranged from classical piano to percussion to orchestras, ensembles and electronic music. Its uniqueness highlighted by young pianist Francesco Tristano, an atypical musician, free and demanding whether he's revisiting Bach's music as he did in the opening show or inventing a dance floor from his piano as he did in the last with an incredible lightshow and electronic music session halfway between the dance floor/club and concert.

A visual arts program in the lobby and other spaces including installations and video presentation. These have been free during opening hours

Keep up to date with the ever-changing program at

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