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Professional quality art supplies for artists who sell and exhibit their artworks.

Article submitted by, Debra Liel-Brown on, September 2, 2020

Dear Fellow Artists,

I have good news for rural artists like myself, who live outside the city centres. I have opened an online art supplies shop. We country based artists can no longer get basic materials that were readily available 10 years ago, such as larger sizes of painting & drawing surfaces that are large enough to have impact in big exhibition spaces.

You will find my shop significantly cheaper and you can stay in your studio, in a blissful state of epiderma chromata (covered in paint) and have your supplies delivered to your door. I only sell exhibition quality products – no kids stuff. You wont have to rummage through student and kids products.

My shop is different to regular online stores because I have put effort into making the customers experience as pleasant as possible, within the rigid capabilities that online shops offer. The unique things about my shop is that artists can view entire colour chart for paints and buy – on one page. This makes buying 20 colours of paint much faster. Also, being able to see the whole chart allows artists to compare nuances in colours. It has taken me 2 years with the help of a master code writer to achieve this simple but revolutionary function. I dont know about you but I find it tedious to click on a product to buy it, and then be sent off to one or more pages and then have to click my way back. I find most online shops have visual designs and demanding ads that are painful.

My years of painting full time, alone in my wee wonderful but often lonely. One of the things I am looking forward to, is more involvement in the arts community – with my kindred spirits, painters, doodlers and builders of art.

Cheers, Debra Liel-Brown

02 4987 7947

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