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The information & links contained in this article were published in 2016 and may no longer be current. We recommend checking the following sections for more recent content - Editors Blog

Went on an incredible Street Art tour the other day and learnt so much about how it has developed in Paris and worldwide. Yes there is still street art which is spray painted, the upmarket version of graffiti but there is so much more. There is the fine detail that comes from the use of stencils. There is the paste on art which sees pieces repeated throughout the city. There are major commissioned works on large buildings, often by artists still working at street level for street cred, there is three dimensional sculptural pieces big and small including mosaics. And then there is my favourite, chiselled art such as the work of Portuguese artist, Vhils. Lots of interesting information on how works are protected, incentives for landowners and the commercial world that is now street art.  Here are just a few of my favourite shots from the tour. Many others for our new image library coming later this year.













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