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The summer of 2019/2020 was a turning point.

The Coffs Harbour Regional Museum wants to help future generations understand the experience of the 2019-2020 bushfires in our region.
As historians, archivists and curators, we know that the best records are often those created closest to the time the event happens. Historically, first-hand accounts are often the most accurate and the most authentic. We need your help to capture our first-hand experience of this event. Anyone in the Coffs Harbour region is welcome to contribute.

Are you willing to contribute?
email us at
Include the backstory to your items – tell us why they matter!

Items can be:
Digital: photographs, films, voice recordings, websites, text messages
Real: burned or destroyed objects, items that survived, items that express gratitude to the RFS and others, items that helped you get through this experience in some way, items that express your reflections such as writing or drawing. And remember, they must be local, we want to understand the impact of the fires on the Coffs Coast region.
This initiative is part of the The Art Space BURNT exhibition

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