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Connecting Communities & Culture

 The NSW Government is offering a $5,000 quick response support package for small volunteer/not-for-profit organisations. The eligibility for the support requires that:

  • They are registered as either:
    • Australian Public Company; or
    • Other Incorporate Entity
  • They are both: 
    • Not for profit; and,
    • Core business is the delivery of arts-related activity
  • They can demonstrate:
    • The actual decline in earned income of at least 15% in 2020 compared to 2019;
    • They generated less than $100k in the 2019 Calendar Year (or 2018/19 FY) in either:
    • total income; or 
    • total expense was less than $100k

Expressions of interest can be sent to CRT Sector Support Mailbox

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