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What is a House-concert?

I’ve been performing House Concerts for more than twenty five years.

They were called “Parties”. In the 19th century people would gather at each other’s home & listen to someone play piano & sing a song. It was called Parlour music.
House Concerts is not a new idea!

How it’s been working for me over the past 4 years is…
You, decide to have a party. You invite me to bring my electric stage paino, guitars and a small PA to your home.
You invite as many of your friends as possible. You would then decide on a performance area in your lounge room or back deck even inside you double garage
I’ve performed the lot, sounds exciting hey?

The cost to you the patron is zero; your guests each pay $10 to $15 each.
That money goes to me the performer.

I am a troubadour; I’ve been entertaining for 30 years. I’d play some classic popular songs that you can’t help to sing along to. Also I write songs & produce my own Albums.
In 2017 I competed in the international speech contest at Rooty Hill RSL, as a Story teller. I came 2nd in that contest.

Book me for your House Concert; I will entertain you & your guests with song & humorous stories about my life on the road as a working professional musician.
Contact: phone 0409 906 712
Web: (both audio & live video to download)
F.B the Acoustic Club


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