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Connecting Communities & Culture

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any submission will under-go a review by AMNC
  2. AMNC, if necessary, has the right to edit any text, statement and/or biography provided in the submission for reasons of grammatical error or unsuitable content.
  3. AMNC, if necessary, has the right to reject any images or logo’s provided in the submission considered by AMNC to be unsuitable or of inferior quality. AMNC also has the right to remove any image or logo from the website which for any reason is in question.
  4. AMNC reserves the right to decline any submission for any reason and that reason will be referred back to the submitter to allow the opportunity for amendment and re-submission. In any event, AMNC shall have final say as to what will be entered on the website.
  5. Unless otherwise stated by the submitter, any information provided on the submission will be entered on the website and shall be considered to be public information. AMNC may disclose the same information to casual inquirers and also use the information in its own publicity, promotion and membership communications. However, any images and/or logo’s will not be reproduced outside the website profile of the submitter without first getting permission of the submitter.
  6. Any information provided which does not form part of the submission is at the submitter’s discretion to provide. If the submitter does not want the information provided outside the requirements of the submission to be public information the submitter should not provide it.
  7. As it is in the best interests of the submitter, AMNC requests the submitter ensures the information provided on the submission is accurate and to update the information when required.
  8. AMNC accepts no responsibility for the misuse of information provided by the submitter which is considered to be public information in accordance with clause 5 above by third parties
  9. AMNC will use its best endeavors to protect the unlawful or unauthorised use of any images and/or logo’s of the submitter from the website, however AMNC accepts no responsibility for any such unlawful or unauthorised uses of the images and/or logo’s .
  10. Featured and Profiled listings may include links to their own websites, but no other websites.
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