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How to submit

Please complete the form below entering in all your events details.  

Once your event has been submitted a member of our team will check it over and if it meets our submission guidelines we'll publish it on our site.

You'll be notified as soon as your event is published. 

  • Mid North Coast Event?

    Please only submit events that are located on the Mid North Coast

  • Promotional Image

    An image that promotes your event other than your flyer or poster (add that to supporting media).  For the best results upload images that are landscape in orientation and 800-2000 pixels wide (maximum 2 MB file size).

  • Contact Details

    Include your events contact details including social media, website & email.

  • Promotional Text

    Make sure you market your event effectively, what is the event, what will they see and why they should go.

  • Venue & Location

    Make sure people can find your event by including the venue and location.

* Notice for events in the Mid Coast LGA:

As of 1 January 2023, Mid Coast Council has chosen not to be a member of Arts Mid North Coast and therefore we are unable to provide any of our services to residents, organisations or venues within that Council area.

Should you require any clarification on this matter contact our Executive Director at 6658 9400 or email

Submit Your Event Here:

Please provide details about your event (1000 character limit).

Please note: Exhibition/Event Openings will no longer be listed as a separate event. Include all opening details in the main exhibition/event listing.

Please upload an image that sums up what your event is about maximum file size of 2MB.
For the best results images should be landscape in layout and a minimum of 1000 pixels wide.
We don't recommend uploading your flyer or poster here, use the "Upload Poster / Flyer" section below.

Upload a copy of your flyer here maximum 2MB file size.
Please convert PDF's to jpeg before uploading otherwise they will not display.

Which Town or Region will your event be in?

When does the event start?

*Required even if event is only on for one day.

If this is a recurring, regular event please add details for example - "Every Wednesday". Leave blank if not applicable.

Leave blank if entry is Free

This section is displayed on the “Submit An Event” page.

If your venue is already listed in our directory select "Existing Venue" or add your one off details below. Want to add your Arts Venue to our directory?

Use the search field below to locate your venue in our directory and then click title to add (will appear in right column):

    This venue will only be added to this event as a one off address. If you intend to add multiple events we suggest submitting your venue to our directory before submitting your events.

    Leave blank if not applicable

    A town must be added to a listing otherwise event cannot be approved.

    The following details will be added to the event as the main contact point for this event.

    We'll use this address to notify you when this event is published/un-published

    Leave blank if you don't have Facebook

    Leave blank if you don't have Instagram

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