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Connecting Communities & Culture

This report introduces HammondCare’s Arts on Prescription Model and it serves as a guide for programs who would like to connect arts, health, and wellbeing.

HammondCare’s model is based on a 10-week program with two-hour sessions held weekly. Older people are referred to an Arts on Prescription program by a healthcare practitioner, placed in a group with six to eight other participants, and guided by a professional artist throughout the program.

Like UK based programs, HammondCare’s Arts on Prescription model is not a replacement for conventional health care, but works alongside conventional health care to help people achieve improved health and wellbeing, and gives them the chance to connect with others in their communities by providing a creative outlet.

This report has recommendations for other programs on how best to set up their own Arts on Prescription based on the success that HammondCare has had.

You can download the report through this link

Arts on Prescription Creative Ageing Model

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