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Connecting Communities & Culture

The information & links contained in this article were published in 2016 and may no longer be current. We recommend checking the following sections for more recent content -

This is a summary of the policy contained in the new NSW Arts & Cultural Policy Framework: Create NSW. It has been prepared by Arts Mid North Coast to highlight those matters relevant to Regional Arts and no way seeks to purport to be the full document. It has been prepared to encourage people in the first instance to read and understand a Statewide Policy document and understand how it impacts on Regional NSW. It deletes from the original:

  • Sections specific to Western Sydney and Sydney

  • All case studies used as examples from those areas

  • All images and graphics.

It also uses changed bold highlights and numbering so as to better identify specific regional matters and issues.

It reduces the 92 page full document to 24. Readers are encouraged to also view the full document which can be accessed by:

Download the full policy framework at

SEE FULL NSW-Arts-and-Culture-Framework-Regional-Summary PDF

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