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Connecting Communities & Culture

The information & links contained in this article were published in 2019 and may no longer be current. We recommend checking the following sections for more recent content -

Stats and Stories: The Impact of the Arts in Regional Australia is a groundbreaking project funded by Regional Arts Australia and Australia Council for the Arts that calls for new ways to identify and respond to Australia’s vast land, diversity and differences, including its challenges and opportunities in regional Australia, using the arts as the vehicle.

The Stats and Stories project covers five themes and five case studies. The five themes were developed from the literature on the regional impact of the arts. One case study is written on each of the five themes. The five themes are:
1. Community connectedness
2. Economic regeneration
3. Social inclusion
4. Civic pride and community identity
5. Regional development

The five case studies are:
1. Animating Spaces
2. Silver Ball Screening Festival
3. In the Saddle; On the Wall
4. BighArt
5. First Coat

Download the publication from Regional Arts Australia here.

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